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We want to give you these Facebook SEO tips because Facebook has changed the marketing game completely. Today, companies are doing everything they can to have a presence on Facebook. Through Facebook, it is possibly to be highly engaged with consumers, offering them advice, tips, promotions and more. Some of the best brands out there know how to make Facebook work for them, providing free advertising to millions of people. With 1.2 billion people on Facebook, it should come as no surprise that for a company to market itself properly, it needs to get on the social media bandwagon. 

Here are five essential Facebook SEO tips.

1.  SEO your Facebook Page Title

If you are looking at the key places for Facebook SEO, you need to know how your page is indexed. First, you have the SEO title, which is the title of your page on Facebook. You want to pick this title carefully because once you have over 100 followers, you cannot change it again.  Next, you have your meta description, which is your fan page name and the about section of the page.  That is the description that comes up under your title in the Google search results.

2.  Keyword Optimize Your About Page

When someone does a search within Facebook, it not only brings up personal profile, but company pages and groups. This is why it is important to have the right keywords in your About page on Facebook. That will draw more people in as the use of internal search on Facebook increases.

3.  Keyword Optimize Your Posts

When you post an external link from your website or blog to Facebook, or when you post a status update, you need to SEO (search engine optimize), especially the title tag line. So your article should have the key words in the description which will tell search engines that your Facebook page has relevant content to your website.  Google indexes Facebook page posts and comments.  To test this, type in “ inurl/posts/” followed by a keyword or something you are interested in.  You will be amazed at how many posts Google indexes.

4.  Use the Facebook Vanity URL

Take full advantage of a vanity URL from Facebook. This is an important part of Facebook SEO because once you hit 25 likes, you can create a unique URL for your page. The URL is an important aspect of any search in Facebook, so you want to get the right name and message across in only a couple words.  It is also searchable in Google, Bing, and other search engines and carries a significant amount of weight.

5. Link to Your Facebook Page from other Sites

Your website and your other social sites should link back to your company Facebook page.  This way you send “link juice” to your Facebook page.  So your Facebook page then gets more relevance in the search results.  Ideally you want your Facebook page to appear right under your actual website, to help you get more followers.

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