How to Meet the Challenges of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the art of web designing for multiple screen sizes. The growth of the Internet has led to different screen sizes and web design demands that in order to be relevant to the market, an online business should have a website that can be easily viewed on iPhones, Androids, other mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and HDTVs.

Historically, desktop Internet was launched in 1994 through Netscape and AOL although the minicomputer already existed. By 1999, mobile Internet was launched but did not have a huge impact initially. It was in 2010 that mobile Internet exploded reaching a whopping 10 billion users and is now expected to rule Internet usage by 2015, if not already.

What this mobile internet explosion requires is that websites need to be available in readable form across all types of screens ranging from laptops, notepads, tablets, to  mobile phones of all sizes. Users will no longer be interested in navigating through a website if it requires too much latitude and longitude maneuvering just to read content or view videos.

According to Morgan Stanley’s most recent report, the average Apple iPhone owner spends more time browsing the web than using it as a phone. Also, mobile e-commerce is gaining popularity and accounts for up to 45% of online sales in the retail market for certain categories.

Web design today has to be screen adaptable so that design and content flows seamlessly regardless of the environment is used.

How to Overcome the Responsive Web Design Challenge/Hurdle

A website design that is responsive will encounter several challenges throughout its lifespan. This is mostly because the web and all its concerns are constantly evolving. The most important aspect of this situation is to maintain a positive attitude and turn to professionals when needed. Instead, as web owners you need to stay focused on your end goals and leave this kind of work to the experts. They will get the job done faster so you can achieve your goals earlier – and ahead of your competitors.

That being said, you need to be aware of what can slow down the performance of your online business because of design. Here are a few of the common challenges you will have to face together with your web designer:

  • Fitting the content in screens of varying sizes without looking like an amateur did it
  • Making content flow naturally
  • Being prepared for the quick turnaround of events, new technology, and trends and not get caught flat-footed
  • Staffing or finding the right people to manage the everyday data requirements and design elements of your website

Responsive web design is an ongoing process. There are no short-cuts to creating a web design that engages, grows, and responds effectively but that’s exactly what makes an online endeavor so exciting.

With a partner in web design like Grow To Win Marketing, you can be sure that there will be no detours, short-cuts, or delays in creating a responsive web design that best portrays your business online. We know what to do and how to do it. We just need your ideas to complete the picture. We’re up for the challenge.