Why Getting More Twitter Followers Says so Much About Your Business

If you’ve seen how big Twitter has become in recent years – you’ll probably have seen how important it is as a marketing tool. The reality is, all kinds of social media platforms have almost created new marketing networks out of nothing. They can be a great way to stay connected with fans and grow your brand’s image online. We’re going to look at why twitter followers are so important – along with how to make the most of the ones you’ve got and how to find more of them.

Why is twitter such an important marketing tool?

Twitter has hit the mainstream in a big way. Some people are even saying it’s more important than Facebook. It offers an almost unparalleled way to connect with fans of your products. Anyone who “follows” you on Twitter is already converted to your message. They want to hear what you’re doing – and that’s why they should be the first option any time you need to connect with real people.

Offline market research used to be difficult and expensive. Many businesses simply sold products and then never heard from the people who bought them again. Now, with Twitter – people who buy your products or services can connect with you and follow what you’ve got to say. This is beneficial for both parties. They’ll not only be the first to know about your new products, but they’ll also be far more likely to make another purchase. Twitter followers are important, and they need to be valued. If you upset them, they might unfollow you and you’ll probably have lost them.

How to make the most of your Twitter followers

Don’t treat your twitter followers badly. They’re not just there to be advertised at indiscriminately. They’re there to be valued. Treat them right, and they’ll become passionate followers of your brand (and more likely to spread the word). Send out exclusive special offers to your twitter followers to give them something back. Listen to them, and improve your products based on their recommendations.

People like to follow popular brands – and that’s why having the right amount of Twitter followers could say a lot about your business. In a way, success breeds success. If you’ve got loads of Twitter followers, it’ll actually encourage even more people to follow your brand. That’s how your message can grow virally online.

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