Tumblr Marketing: What you need to know

Tumblr may be the most undervalued social media platform that businesses are reluctant to involve themselves in. The microblogging website is best known for its attraction to a younger audience, often making it overlooked by businesses that are focused on relationship-building sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. But Tumblr can be used as an effective tool to drive traffic to your website, advertise your brand, and increase your company’s profits.
And here’s how:

  • Tumblr is all about discovery: Tumblr’s 300 million users have more than 18 million blogs on the site, and the number is constantly growing as visitors use the network to search search search, making it an ideal platform to increase your brand awareness to a wide social following.
  • Tumblr increases search engine rankings: Tumblr links are measured by search engines, meaning that every post and ‘share’ on Tumblr drives your business higher in search engine rankings. In return, higher search engine rankings will drive more quality traffic to your business’s website.
  • Content is king and Tumblr is the throne: Microblogging is all about new and interesting content – text, videos, photos, and audio – and the visually-oriented content that Tumblr relies on engages followers for longer periods of time than other social networking sites (the average visit to Tumblr lasts 14 minutes).

Tumblr Marketing Services:

At GrowToWin, we will provide your business with a Tumblr marketing campaign optimized to spread your brand, attract and engage new followers, and increase sales by utilizing Tumblr’s high conversion rate. After creating a Tumblr for your business, we will upload appropriate posts and other forms of content that will attract and engage your target audience. We will build a community of engaged and active followers that will share your content with their friends, creating brand awareness and driving visitors to your website. If your business is interested in a Tumblr marketing campaign, contact us through phone or email to set up a meeting where we will outline strategy ideas that will work for you and your budget, and help you grow your business through online marketing techniques.


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