10 Helpful WordPress Plugins

I wanted to write an article about helpful WordPress plugins I like to use.  It is an article to help people who are thinking about expanding their WordPress functionality.

WordPress Jetpack
Wordpress Jetpack is great. It allows you to link your self-hosted WordPress blog to your account. And with it, you get all sorts of plugins […]

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10 Smart Phone Apps Business Owners Should Use

It is impossible to maximize your business without a smart phone these days.  There are a lot of apps you can use to help your business, and there is no way we can list them all. But in this article I try to list my top ten apps that really help me with my […]

Easy Ways To Bootstrap Your Business On Social Media

When your business is just starting out, both capital and cash flow may be limited, and you need to grow your business by using elbow grease, also known as “bootstrapping” your business. It means you have to do a lot of manual tasks to get customers into your sales funnel.
Most people have a smart […]

5 Steps To Get Your New Website Indexed Online Quickly

First let me explain what this is not. This is not what you do to get your website to rank high in a search engine. These steps are just to get your website indexed so that you have an initial legitimate online footprint so that search engines notice you. Without these steps, search engines […]

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11 Ways Competitors are Beating You on the Internet

The internet is evolving so quickly, that no one company completely understands or has the expertise or time to master the highly-complex digital landscape. There was once a time when having an HTML website and a Facebook page was good enough. But now there are a million things one must do digitally to even […]

Rick Scott Twitter Vs. Charlie Crist Twitter

by Spence Rogers

I thought it would be fun to write a “Rick Scott Twitter vs. Charlie Crist Twitter” article.  If the Florida governor’s election were held today strictly using Twitter, who would be the victor?  Social media is very important and is an indicator of how many votes you can get and how many […]

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