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Usually when there are Facebook News Feed changes, people get up in arms. Sometimes page owners get upset because their posts are not being seen by as many people as before and users get upset because pages they like are not showing up. But with these changes, I think most people will be happy and it will be a better Facebook News Feed overall.

Before going into the changes, it is important to talk about why these changes occur.  Facebook’s main job is to provide value to the user, otherwise users will leave for another platform (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.).  Facebook makes these changes based on data that users submit to Facebook stating they like or don’t like something.  So if a horrible post shows up in a newsfeed and 90% of the feedback is negative – Facebook starts looking for trends – ways to improve so people find more value.  Then after some studies and some beta testing, they announce changes platform wide.

So with that in mind, these are the changes that occurred last week and how page managers should change their posting habits.

Don’t Ask for Likes, Shares, and Comments

Facebook has mentioned this before and has tried to address this before.  Pages that post content and then say “LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT!” or “Like if you agree” and other variations are problematic for Facebook because these stories end up being 15% less relevant than other stories that are displayed as prominently but are not asking for fans like, share, or comment.  Most marketers like me probably don’t like this change because we are so used to the “call for action” – asking our customers to take the next step of what we are trying to accomplish.  However, I agree with Facebook that this is spammy and it is better to just have great content that people want to share on their own.

Don’t Steal Viral Images and Videos

Yep.  We all know who these guys are.  They take an image that is already going viral from a different page and upload it to their own page so that their page gets the credit (publicity, likes, and engagement) instead of the original page.  This is actually really smart to do if you don’t have the money or the time to create your own content.  But Facebook is cracking down and it is probably for the better.  As a side note, one way to prevent your images from being stolen is to put your logo on them or your Facebook page name.  That way if they do get stolen, you can at least get the publicity.  One way to prevent your videos from being stolen is to upload them to a Youtube channel instead of directly to Facebook and include your logo on the video.  Nonetheless, Facebook’s facial recognition and image recognition software is probably going to contribute to this new change and help Facebook prevent the reposting of original content.  This only motivates people to come up with even more original content which will again clean up the news feed a little more.

Don’t Post Spammy Links With Fake Titles

This is a “no brainer”.  Most people don’t do this anyway as it hurts your brand.  But there are still some bad apples who have done this.  They make a title that says “This is the most Amazing Secret to Making Money Today” and then when you click on it the page is nothing but advertisements and doesn’t say anything about how to make money.  Well, Facebook has said “no more” and early tests have shown a 5% increase in link clicking Facebook-wide, which is great news for legitimate page owners.  This is a really good change and I am sure most are very glad to have this implemented.

You can read the official announcement about these changes here.

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