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Having a Facebook business page is very important, but if you fail to do it properly, you could do more harm than good for your business. By following these dos and don’ts, you can ensure your business thrives on Facebook and creates a growing and engaged following. Here are the Facebook Business Page Dos and Don’ts to remember:

Facebook Business Page Dos

Do Create a Facebook Business Page

First of all, do create a Facebook page for your business. You want to get your name out there, and you need a Facebook page to do that. Remember, 1.2 billion people are on Facebook, 800 million log on every week, and that is a lot of potential customers.

Pay Attention to your Insights

Facebook Insights provides you with the ability to see who is logging on, who is leaving and what posts people like. Pay attention to it.

Optimize your Photos

Image optimization is important because it draws people in. Optimize your photos to get noticed.  Facebook has different size requirements for photos and you should maximize your exposure by making your photos as large as possible within the limits.

Personalize your Posts

Let your followers know you are a real person.  Host Q&As.  Mention your name and your opinion.  Thank people and engage with them.  You need to talk to the fans of your page and be engaging. That will make them feel more important, and that will give you more repeat business.

Claim your Vanity URL

Once you hit 25 likes, you can have a Facebook vanity URL. Use it because is better than

Post with Strategy in Mind

Don’t just post without thinking. Have a strategy so that you can take advantage of holiday sales for customers, big events and more. You want to be engaged and dynamic, but plan ahead to make the most of it.

Give your Followers Perks to Drive Traffic

With your Facebook business page, do take advantage of providing your customers with deals and offers that send them to your website.

Run Facebook Ads

Big brands are doing it.  It is an easy way to get exposure to your exact target audience.  You should take advantage of Facebook ads for your Facebook business page. Facebook ads are cheap ($1 a day) and you can create ads that are fine tuned to only go to a certain sector of people. Facebook ads have a much more affordable cost per click or cost per million impressions than traditional banner advertisements.

Write about Current Relevant Content

Stay relevant with your posts, so do put up topical updates that deal with real world events at that time.  You can check trending issues on Google trends, Twitter trending, and even Facebook trending.

Ask Questions

Ask questions to get discussions started on your Facebook business page because, as has been said over and over, engagement is key on the page.

Keep the Trolls

Look at trolls as a blessing.  They help your engagement.  Do keep the trolls on there if you can, unless of course they get out of hand.  Usually a troll will then cause others to respond to him/her.  This then drives up your post engagement score in Facebook’s news feed algorithm.  They think they are hurting you, but really they are helping you.

Do vary your Post Types

Post photos, texts, questions, videos, and articles to vary your engagement.  Different people like different things.

Do Post Often

People would think that posting often hurts a brand.  However, the way Facebook’s algorithm is set up, it is better to post multiple times throughout the day because not everyone sees all your posts.  Posting hourly is ideal if you can manage it.  Also post on weekends, when content is lacking.  You will find that your overall engagement will be higher the more you post.

Facebook Business Page Don’ts

Don’t Auto Post

Don’t run a bot that auto-posts random content from some website.  This often causes people to feel like a person is not there, and they will not engage with your post.  If you have to use a bot to streamline, make it clear you are a participant on the page by reply to a few comments in a timely manner.

Don’t Post Off Topic

It is important to target your audience.  So if you are a sports team, don’t post about shopping.  Or if you are a political page, don’t post about sports.  However, some topics are universal and can be posted by most pages – birthdays, events, weather, etc.  So you have to ask yourself if the person reading this will think it is relevant.

Don’t Spam

People are turned off by sales pitches and spammy posts.  If you have to sell something, do it on your website.  That is where people expect to be sold to.  So drive people to your website with GREAT content (an article, a video, or something similar).  People only want great content on Facebook.  So ask yourself if it is spammy before you post.  Spamming will drive down your engagement and hurt your view rate in the Facebook algorithm.

Don’t Forget to Respond

When a customer sends you a message or writes on your wall asking a question, don’t ignore them. Even if it is negative, respond to them and resolve the situation.

Don’t Delete or Ban Users

If people are trolling your website, don’t attack them or ban them.  Try to resolve the situation privately by sending them a message or by responding to them publicly.  Ask them to email you so you can resolve it.  This says to other people that you care and aren’t afraid of criticism.  If you ban the user or delete comments, it will create a negative effect.  Google the “Barbara Streisand effect”.  It is a phrase were when you delete or try to erase something people are passionate about, they just scream it louder and louder on other websites, forums, and reviews.  Sometimes people need to be banned (constant cursing, posting inappropriate content, etc), but only after all other steps have been exhausted.

Don’t Post Multiple Posts at the same Time

Don’t Post multiple items at once.  Many people only go on Facebook once and then share about 3-10 different articles.  Unfortunately, this hurts your engagement in Facebook’s algorithm.  If you only get on once a day or twice a day, it is better to share posts using Facebook’s schedule option.  Try to space your posts out about an hour apart.

Don’t Post on the Hour

When scheduling your posts, most people post on the hour.  This is because it is easier for people to schedule it on the hour (3 pm, 4 pm etc).  Instead, post at 3:15 or 3:45.  This will help you beat the competition by not having to compete with everyone else.

Don’t Buy Likes Outside of Facebook’s Ad Software

Facebook can tell when people are scheming and not using their ad software.  Most of the like schemes out there produce fake followers and low-quality followers.  If Facebook finds out that this is happening, they can shut down your page because it is against Facebook’s terms and conditions.  Instead, use Facebook’s organic/internal advertising platform.  Likes are cheap enough if you do it right.

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