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Banner Advertising

With predictions of their overtaking search ads as the top online ad segment by 2015, banner ads are worth looking into. Consisting of a graphic image and text, banner ads are an essential medium for businesses looking to broaden their appeal to the online customer demographic. And due to recent cost reductions of the banners, they provide one of the internet’s best return on investments.


Banner Advertising Services

Many times businesses do not understand how to make their banner ad stand out in the vast pool of online advertisements. This often results in one of two extremes: a loud, overly promotional display of branding, or an ad that disappears among all the others. Businesses do not always have the knowledge necessary to strike a balance between branding, message, and media placement.

With GrowToWin, your business will be find a strategy that engages your target audience and increases traffic back to your business’s website. Utilizing our marketing background and knowledge, we are able to expand your brand, creating enticing banner ads with striking visual elements such as flash and video technology. This promotes direct sales when the customer clicks on your ad, as well as builds brand recognition so your business is first to come to mind when a customer is ready to make a purchase.

We also integrate several targeting techniques to ensure the ads reach your business’s key consumer demographic. This includes identifying and analyzing media to guarantee the placement of your banner is providing the most on return investment. Our banner ad campaign also includes the integration of behavioral targeting and remarketing. This means that if a customer clicks on your banner and then continues to another site, as long as that site supports behavioral banner advertising campaigns, your ad will follow the customer onto that site. This practice reinforces your business’s brand and message.

And as our strategy includes monitoring the banner ads and tracking how many views and clicks they receive, we are able to make any adaptations necessary to improve your business’s appeal to your target audience.

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