Many companies and people are burdened with Social Media tasks. There is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Tsu, Ello, and countless others. Where do you begin? How do you handle all the tasks? Well, you must prioritize. And Facebook is usually where people and companies get their feet wet with social media.

Having said this, there are many factors when posting on Facebook to help your posts be good enough to have the effect you are looking for. Those factors can be increased by using different techniques. In this post, I will discuss the benefits of tagging Facebook pages and why you should do it.

(To tag a post, type in the @ symbol following by the name of the page, and a page under that title can be selected. Your post will now have a “clickable” tag to that companies’ Facebook page).

Adds Value for your Readers

People like it when you make things easy for them. If you show them where the company Facebook page is, it then gives you bonus points with the reader. They like you more, you made their life easier.

Makes Your Post Stand Out

The news feed is a cluttered place. People are tired of seeing the same old stuff. So if your post has a tag in it, it naturally tells the news feed scroller that there is something different about your post. It stands out. They think, “hey, this company may have something less spammy to show me because they took the time to tag”. Then you get more interest in your post.

Companies May Share your Post to their Own Wall

Companies monitor their pages frequently. When you tag another Facebook page, a company or organization will see your post on their wall. It is the same part of the page where their followers can write to them publicly. For you Twitter users out there, it has the same effect of tagging someone on Twitter (minus the notification). We have seen companies reshare posts countless times when they have been tagged on Facebook – especially if the post you tagged them in sheds a favorable light on their company (a product review, for example).

Tells Followers of the Page you have Relevant Content

Many times people who are interested in a company will scroll the company’s page wall for posts. If you tagged that company, your post will be there. People will comment on it, like it, share it, and may even follow your page. It is a great way to reach people who like similar content that your page posts.

Huge SEO Value – Pagerank for your Facebook Page

When you tag a hugely popular page – say a Amazon or Walmart as examples – you are telling Google and other search engines that your page and post are relevant and related to that company. So even though the link in your post to the article on your website is  a “no-follow” link (meaning it does not pass Pagerank), the post on the company’s wall will pass Pagerank to your Facebook page. All Facebook links on Facebook pass Pagerank because all Facebook domain links posted in Facebook are “dofollow”. If you aren’t an SEO person and none of this makes sense to you, just know this. Tagging makes your Facebook page look way better in the eyes of Google than no tagging. And it will help your Facebook page climb in Google for the relevant topics you post and for your company brand. Just type in “Amazon” and notice that their Facebook page is on the first page. This would not have happened if Facebook didn’t allow the link juice to be passed on the Facebook domain to Amazon’s Facebook page.

More SEO Value – Your Facebook Post Will Rank

Because you tag a powerful page on Facebook, your niche post will have clout in Google’s algorithm.  It will not be a huge amount, but we have had our Facebook posts rank better when we tag pages. This SEO benefit is based on keywords and relevancy of your actual “Facebook post” and not so much Pagerank to your Facebook page. So if your post mentions Amazon’s new product campaign with niche words in it like names of products and very specific topics, if you tag Amazon, your post may likely come up in Google when people type in those keywords in your Facebook post. If you do not tag, however, your post will never be found anywhere. This has happened to us several times.

Engagement Increased on Facebook – More Visibility

Most people think backwards when it comes to mentioning and tagging other pages on their post. They think, “I will lose this person because they will follow another page and will leave my post”. While that may be true, Facebook sees it as a “click” on your post. This tells Facebook that your post had value and will then show the post to more people. It is generally understood that more shares, comments, and likes increases your Facebook post presence. But what is not known by many, is that clicks also count in Facebook’s algorithm. It is hard to tell clicks because only the savvy people with analytics know this. So if you make your post easier to engage by tagging, you will get your post higher in Facebook’s algorithm.

Trending Topic Bonus

If you tag a page that is a trending topic, you will only amplify the engagement of your post. So if say the Olympics are going on, and a person like Michael Phelps just got a gold medal on swimming. If you just write about Michael Phelps without tagging, you will definitely do well. But if you write about Michael Phelps and tag the actual Michael Phelps Facebook page, people will click on it all day long and the effects of your posts will be exponential. They want to know who this guy is that everyone is talking about.  So this is an added bonus that will help amplify your content.

As an add on point for this, if you are a page that has followers, and you tag another page that has followers, naturally Facebook would want to show your post to people that like both pages. I am not saying this is a rule, but it makes sense. It helps Facebook relate the content. Also, if someone comments on the post, their friends who like both pages are more likely to see it.

Spread the Love

In SEO land we call it link love – where you link to someone and they link to you back. But in social media land, I guess we can call it tag love. The point is when you tag a company, you are sending them free promotion. It will spread good will to that company. It is important to do this, especially if you want clients or want to develop a relationship with that organization. So when you pick up the phone to call them after they share your post, they will immediately be receptive because you tagged them and they decided to share it. You are in their good graces.

Parting Thought

Tagging a post with a relevant tag to a Facebook page or two can mean the difference between a mediocre post to a great post. It could launch your post into mega-viral status – at least increase your chances of doing so. It could also help your SEO and relationships with those pages. So even though it takes longer to do, it is worth doing.

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