by Spence Rogers

Google created Google+ with search engine optimization in mind.  That is why it is important for us to provide helpful Google+ search engine optimization tips. The social juggernaut will eventually dominate all search engine results above all other social media platforms. With the advent of Google+, the SEO techniques for webmasters changed very quickly.  Although standard on page website SEO is a very powerful platform to help your search engine ranking and SEO dreams, optimizing your Google+ page is necessary to unleash your website’s full potential.

Google+ is much more than a social media page that you build upon to connect with people and interests.  A Google+ page is a massive platform to help you make your presence known.  To optimize a Google+ page all you have to do is keep certain details in mind and you will have a very optimized page that shows up in the search engines and in Google+’s own people search. Here are a few initial tips that will help you with your page performance.

1.  Complete your profile:

The most important aspect of any Google+ page when it comes to search optimization is the completion of all the personal as well as professional credentials regarding the page. An incomplete profile does more harm than good and will not be given the credibility in Google’s algorithm that more complete pages receive.

2.  Optimize the title tag:

Title tag optimization plays a pivotal role in helping your post rank well in Google search. A good Google+ title can take your post a long way and fetch you amazing results.

3.  Set up authorship:

Visuals do matter, and in this case, they can be game changers for your page. Choosing an author picture can add some valuable points to your table and help your page push through. Your posts can help you steal traffic from your competitor up the ladder if you have a catchy display picture and successfully implemented the author tag.

4. Link it directly to your page:

Connecting your Google+ page directly to your website definitely adds to your SEO rankings. This can be done using a simple piece of code in your webpage and you are ready to go.

5. Get followers and +1’s:

It is always about the numbers and in this case the higher the number of your followers the better you perform on the SEO table. +1’s also play a pivotal role in moving you up the charts.

Optimize your Google+ Search Engine Optimization and buckle up for the ride to the top of the list.

Spence Rogers
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Spence Rogers

Spence Rogers is CEO of Grow to Win Marketing, a Social Media Marketing Services provider. Spence is a results-driven and deeply skilled executive who will bring effective SEO, web design, and marketing services to both emerging and established enterprises. With years of experience in management, marketing, and sales, Spence knows what it takes to lay the foundation for profits and incredible return on investment.
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