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Samsung Chromebook Opening

by Spence Rogers

We recently got in a Samsung Chromebook from Amazon.  So we decided to do a Samsung Chromebook opening here on our website.

Google is becoming more and more prolific across multiple tech platforms and services.  They have their own operating systems (Android and Chrome), their own browser (Chrome), their own web-based email platform […]

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How to Improve Productivity – Key Life Hacks To Save You Time

by Spence Rogers

With the invention of the internet, computers, and mobile devices, knowing how to improve productivity is an essential skill to know.  So below are some personal tips that I have found to be very helpful.
Plan Ahead and Stick to the Plan
Either the night before or in the morning, sit down and write […]

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3 Facebook News Feed Changes You Need to Know

by Spence Rogers

Usually when there are Facebook News Feed changes, people get up in arms. Sometimes page owners get upset because their posts are not being seen by as many people as before and users get upset because pages they like are not showing up. But with these changes, I think most people will […]

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Rick Scott Twitter Vs. Charlie Crist Twitter

by Spence Rogers

I thought it would be fun to write a “Rick Scott Twitter vs. Charlie Crist Twitter” article.  If the Florida governor’s election were held today strictly using Twitter, who would be the victor?  Social media is very important and is an indicator of how many votes you can get and how many […]

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Facebook Business Page Dos and Don’ts

by Spence Rogers

Having a Facebook business page is very important, but if you fail to do it properly, you could do more harm than good for your business. By following these dos and don’ts, you can ensure your business thrives on Facebook and creates a growing and engaged following. Here are the Facebook Business […]

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